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  1. How do I earn the Coordinator Rank Advancement Trip?

  2. The volume listed on My Dashboard is what volume? Group or Personal?

  3. By when do I need to complete the Compliance Test?

  4. Can a Customer qualify for 3 for free? If so, how is that awarded?

  5. Are my purchases I made from Life events, loaded to my Life website? Where can I view them?

  6. I purchased a ticket online for the next Leadership Convention, but I haven't received it.

  7. Do I need to enter a bank account on file in order to earn commissions?

  8. Why do I have to provide my Social Security Number (or equivalent for countries other than US)?

  9. What is the order number for the Self Reported sale?

  10. Do I need to enter a certain dollar amount for Self Reported Customers sales?

  11. Can I back date a Self Reported sale?

  12. Can I write off my Life products, mileage, event attendance, Life Training material and all other purchases on my taxes?

  13. Why did I not earn PV for the Life Training Marketing System?

  14. How do I use my Ewallet for purchases?

  15. How is 3 for free paid?

  16. I was attempting to place an order by the month-end deadline, but it didn't actually process in time. Can you move the order back to last month?

  17. A Member's avatar is green. What does that mean?

  18. A Member's avatar is red. What does that mean?

  19. A Member's avatar is blue. Why?

  20. A Member's avatar is yellow/orange. Why?

  21. A Member's avatar is faded or light purple. What does that mean?

  22. A Member's avatar is purple. What does that mean?

  23. I want to sell Life products at a fair. How do I do this?

  24. Can an adult register a Life Membership and then switch it to their minor child's name after that child becomes of legal age?

  25. How old do you have to be in order to become a Life Member?

  26. I have married another Life Member of a different group. Can I move all my personally sponsored Members to my spouse’s group?

  27. I have married another Life Member. Can we move their Team 2 over to my Membership?

  28. I have married another Life Member. Do we need to terminate one of our accounts?

  29. I have moved to another Life organization, but I want to move a couple of my former teammates to my new group. Can we do that?

  30. I wish to move to another part of the Life organization. What do I need to do?

  31. Why didn’t I earn commissions on my downline volume?

  32. When are commissions deposited?

  33. I have entered my bank information, but I do not see my deposit. What happened to it?

  34. I failed to enter my bank information, so what happens to my commission?

  35. How do I calculate my bonus?

  36. Why didn’t I receive full credit for my Self Reported sales?

  37. What is the Customer Requirement?

  38. I am at 8,000PV, but I don’t show as having qualified as a Leader. Why not?

  39. When do I need to start meeting the Customer Requirement?

  40. I made a purchase at a seminar, but the Life number on my receipt is not my Life number and the order was not credited to my account. What can we do?

  41. I placed an order, but why don'’t I see the sale credited to my account?

  42. My Customer’s order went through after the month ended. Can it be credited to the previous month?

  43. What is an “Adjustment”?

  44. How do I view a downline’s Team 2?

  45. Why did my downline’s Team 1 and Team 2 switch places?

  46. Why does my taproot show as my Team 2?

  47. Why does my new teammate, who recently enrolled, show that his account has expired?

  48. Why does an upline member have less Group PV than someone in his downline?

  49. How do I change the settings regarding receiving Life Corporate communications?

  50. How do I change my settings for my yearly Membership renewal?

  51. How do I add my spouse to my profile?

  52. How do I update my email address?

  53. How do I update my shipping address?

  54. How do I change my username or password?

  55. How do I get paid if I don't have a bank account?

  56. How do I update my direct deposit information?

  57. How long does it take to withdraw money from my eWallet?

  58. How do I set up my eWallet?

  59. How do I prevent the use of my eWallet for purchases?

  60. I have 2 credit cards on file. Why wasn't my other card attempted after my default card declined?

  61. How do I update my credit card information?

  62. If I win the Coordinator Rank Advancement Trip, will the cost of the trip be reported as income at tax time?

  63. Why didn't I receive a Differential Bonus?

  64. I don’t know/forgot my username/password.

  65. Does someone’s personal PV count towards the outside leg volume requirement for the Product Scholarship Program?

  66. Glossary of Terms

  67. Are business cards available for purchase in my country?

  68. How do I qualify for the Fun in The Sun cruise?

  69. Can I forego the Coordinator Rank Advancement Trip and get the cash value instead?

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