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Why didn’t I receive full credit for my Self Reported sales?

In order for Life Members to receive compensation in the Life Compensation Plan (beyond the money made from the Retail Sales Margin, Customer Pool Bonus, and Cumulative Customer Bonus), they must satisfy a minimum monthly customer sales requirement, as explained below:   
  • Enrollment Month Plus Full Months 1 & 2: There are no sales requirements for the new Member in the month in which he or she enrolls, plus his or her first two full months beyond that.   
  • Full Months 3 – 6: The minimum monthly customer sales requirement is $100 (or $400 in FF Bullion Reserve products) with no sales type requirement, meaning that the $100 (or $400) can be generated from any combination of Self-Reported or Registered Customer sales.  
  • Full Months 7 and beyond: The minimum customer sales requirement is still $100 (or $400), but starting with full month 7 the Member is required to have at least $50 of that as Registered Customer sales.   

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