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  1. What if my Corporate Customer wants to ship to several locations?

  2. What if my Corporate Customer wants to order all 6 months at once?

  3. What if my Corporate Customer wants to order only a certain month? Example, they wish to purchase 20 sets of Month 4.

  4. What if my Corporate Customer wishes to increase their Subscription quantity after they have already begun the program?

  5. Can a Corporate Customer take advantage of the 3 for free program?

  6. Can Corporate Customers request a discount for their purchase?

  7. If Life bills my Customer using a Purchase Order, when do I get credit for the sale?

  8. Can my Corporate LLR Customer be billed using a Purchase Order (PO)?

  9. Do the Life Subscriptions come in (_____) language?

  10. How do I change my billing date for my subscriptions?

  11. How do I enroll a Customer for a Subscription?

  12. Is there a list of books/CDs that will be available in future subscriptions?

  13. How do I cancel, get on/off or adjust my subscriptions?

  14. Do I have to be enrolled for a Subscription to stay active as a Life Member?

  15. Do I have to be enrolled for a Life Subscription in order to earn commissions?

  16. I have 1 Customer who is purchasing 3 Subscriptions. Does that qualify me for 3 for free?

  17. Can I enroll for the Life Library Subscription only?

  18. I have moved and my Life Subscription was delivered to my former address. Will my package be forwarded?

  19. Can I search for specific talks in Rascal Radio?

  20. Why wasn't I credited with PV for my Customer's Rascal Radio Subscription?

  21. Why can't I cancel Rascal Radio when I click the Rascal Radio option from the Access Products menu?

  22. Why do I only see the Life Training Channel on the Radio Player?

  23. Why is the Rascal Radio app not accepting my login credentials?

  24. How do I use the Life Leadership App?

  25. Why am I not able to download Rascal Radio 3.0?

  26. I just got on Subscription, but I already received the Inaugural package from my upline. Can I skip the Inaugural package?

  27. If I cancel my Subscription, will I get the Inaugural packages again if I resubscribe?

  28. My Subscription was declined. How can I process it for the month?

  29. How do I change my Subscription?

  30. How do I purchase another Subscription for the month?

  31. How do I change my address?

  32. Where is my Subscription?

  33. Will I be able to use the My Deals Mobile App immediately after I sign up for the Track & Save Subscription?

  34. How do I cancel my subscription?

  35. Why does the audio on the Rascal Radio App keep stopping in the middle of a talk?

  36. Why does the Rascal Radio App keep crashing?

  37. What is the Gold Accumulation Program?

  38. Can I change the quantity of gold I receive each month?

  39. I have changed my mind about my gold purchase, can I get a refund?

  40. What is a Standing Order Ticket?

  41. What is Life Mix?

  42. How long does it take to receive my Subscription package?

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