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Is there a way I can access my 1099 online?

These are the instructions on how to access and get 1099 forms online.

Please keep in mind, if your income is less than the $600 threshold, there will be no form available for download.

1.) Go to
2.) Sign up:
a)     Enter your e-mail address (This is the email address you have on your Life’s profile)
b)     Click the Signup box
c)       You will receive an e-mail with a temporary password
3) Now, you can log in:
a)     Type your email address and the temporary password
b)     Click Login
c)       Create an account:
d)     Type first name, last name, address, city, state, zip code, and new password
e)     Don’t forget to type the number code
4) Congratulations! You can click on your form for your review and/or print as desired.

The federal deadline to distribute 1099s is January 31st. 

Please consult with your professional tax advisor regarding how to classify your Life income if you earned less than $600. You can also view your income for the year under My Business > My Income on

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