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How do I start a Life on Life event?

Life on Life ideas and events should be approved by a Coordinator, Senior Coordinator, or Life Coach:

§  Be sure that the events are in alignment with the principles and beliefs of the company. If you aren’t sure, please ask before approving an event.

§  Be sure the events are “people helping people” J

 Anyone can coordinate a Life on Life event and any number of people can participate (small groups or large)

-          We encourage Life Members and participants to purchase a Life on Life t-shirt from the Life shopping cart to wear at the event. Also, Life on Life banners will help with branding this initiative. Both of these items are completely optional, of course.                  

-          Once the event is approved, provide the event coordinator(s) the event checklist before the event takes place so we can feature a story on the Life blog and in the Life on Life book:

§  Pictures of people serving, team pictures, etc.

§  Video footage is optional.

§  Minimum of 2-3 quotes/feedback from participants at the event - (What was the greatest impact, what did they love the most?...etc)

§  It might be wise to have the event coordinator delegate different responsibilities to people within their group (picture-taker, write-up person)

§  A detailed write-up of what took place:

·        Where did you serve? Estimated # of people? What exactly did you do? What team are you part of?…etc.

-          The event coordinator should be the only person sending in all the above essentials to:



-          Thank you so much in advance for following this plan and especially for developing the Life on Life Initiative culture within your teams!

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